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Platform Kit - Jeep Grand Cherokee

Platform Kit - Jeep Grand Cherokee

Original 3-piece carpeted platform design, pre-cut and shipped directly to you as a kit to assemble at home. Power drill and staple gun recommended for quickest assembly.

Platform design features:

  • 3-piece modular design stows in trunk to carry backseat passengers
  • 60/40 split of front section to allow a solo sleeper with passenger seat up
  • Custom fit dimensions specific to each vehicle, not a one-size-fits-all design
  • Carpeted design to protect your mattress and interior of your vehicle
  • Entire platform can be installed and removed in less than a minute
  • Lays flat by matching angles of your vehicle throughout
  • Precision cut using CNC router for easy assembly 
    • CNC-cut, pre-drilled 3/4" plywood sheet
    • Pre-cut carpet from choice of 3 colors
    • Screws, staples, hinges, mending plates and buckle straps
    • Detailed assembly instructions (digital)
Carpet Color
  • What's the benefit of a platform, can't I just lay a mattress down flat?
    There are two main benefits of having a sleeper platform - 1) perfectly level sleeping area that extends over the passenger footwells, and 2) increased storage space and better organization in your vehicle. SUVs will fill up real quick when packed with all your camp stuff and additional gear. Our platform design makes it easy to maximize your storage space, so you don't have to completely unload your vehicle when you're ready to snooze.
  • I have a design idea that you don't offer. Do you make custom builds?
    We do make custom builds, but the vehicle is typically needed onsite in Denver, CO. Please reach out through our GET IN TOUCH page for any custom inquiries.
  • I don't see my vehicle available. Are you planning to support it?
    If you have a relatively popular SUV, there's a good chance that it's on our list to eventually support. Please reach out through our GET IN TOUCH page to inquire about your vehicle.
  • Any mattress recommendations for the platform?
    If you already have backpacking mattresses, those work great. Otherwise, the most comfortable mattresses that we've tested are the MegaMat Auto or MegaMat Duo 10 from EXPED. A memory foam mattress pad (a few inches thick) is also a more budget-friendly option.
  • Any other gear recommendations for car camping?
    4 ft Adjustable Camp Table Classic Propane Camp Stove Double Camp Chair 7 Gallon Water Jug Affordable Headlamp Towel to use as Floormat
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