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Custom Built to Fit

SUVs come in many different shapes and sizes. Height, length, width, and angle of the trunk space all vary from vehicle to vehicle, which makes it a challenge to offer a one-size-fits-all sleeping platform. With this in mind, we came up with a solution - a sturdy, versatile, and lightweight design built custom to fit your personal rig.

Trunk space of a variety of SUVs

Modular Construction

Our  platform design consists of 3 individual sections. Each front section has a hinged extension to provide sufficient overall length (most vehicles well over 6 feet). Supports under each piece are cut to match the angles of your vehicle, which guarantees a level sleeping surface and maximizes storage underneath.


trunk section





Robust Drawer System

Add two fully integrated oversized drawers to the trunk section to really optimize your build. A few key features of these drawers include: drawer slides rated to 250 lbs, anti-rattle and key locking metal compression latches, and the option to add false tops and organization dividers. The drawer system also includes 4 sturdy turnbuckles to ensure everything stays tight and secure in your trunk, no matter where you plan to take your rig.


Keep it Ultralight

Prefer to skip the drawers and save a few bucks for other gear? That's OK too. Our trunk design spans from 7" to 9" of storage height depending on the vehicle, giving you the perfect amount of room to slide in plastic storage bins or other loose camping items. 


Don't Lose the Commuter

Need to commute back to work after the long weekend? Don't fret. Our 3-piece design can be removed in seconds and stored when you need the passenger seats back. And if you plan to snooze solo or need room for backseat passengers, the modular design allows you to remove either of the front pieces to fold the passenger seats up into place.

Platform removal from car

Custom Inquiries

Have a vehicle or design idea that we currently don't support? Please reach out! We have worked with many customers to provide a custom solution to fit their specific needs. Depending on the design request, vehicle may be required on-site in Denver, CO.

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